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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Maa Ramachandi Temple,Garhamanatri,Khurda

Maa Ramachandi Temple, Garhamanatri a beautiful Holy Place for Hindu is far away a distance of 55 K.M. from the Capital City Bhubaneswar. After climbing the forest hill one can see the Goddess Maa Ramachandi's idol which is revealed from a big rock.  

 The Goddess worship below this rock. The two rocks are standing on each other like someone put it intentionally for some construction.
 It is said that tigers from this forest area usually hunted the bulls of the local farmers and no one dared to kill that tiger as per their spiritual believe. One day the Goddess told the Priest on his dream that "caught that tiger alive to cultivate the land with a bull".The villagers caught the tiger and did what the goddess order them; surprisingly after that no tiger ever killed anyone from this forest area.
One can see here a lot of Hens and Chickens roaming around freely here.
A beautiful and perfect Picnic spot also, where the tourist can cook Non-Vegetable items below the Hill. Not a big problem for water, as a tube-well and a puddle of water is there for tourists.

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